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360active Toronto Weight Loss, Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition

September 16, 2017
The 360active approach to weight loss consists of a combination of fitness, nutrition, and wellness all wrapped into one package.

As many scientific studies have shown weight loss will have a higher and faster result when fitness and nutrition are incorporated into one program. The results can be dramatic as the fitness routine creates a metabolic effect while the nutrition program ensures you are not consuming too many calories and negating the effects of the fitness program.

If all this sounds too complicated to like a lot of work, 360active will create and design these programs for plus add a wellness component in through their yoga and Pilates programs.

360active is an all ladies facility located at Bathurst and Steeles in the Main Exchange Plaza

Women Find Success at 360active

June 05, 2017
There's a new approach to weight loss at 360active and the results are astounding. 

The 360active system incorporates small group training, nutrition and wellness into one program giving women results that last. 

How many times have you lost weight only to gain it back a few months later? The 360active approach address this by make lifestyle changes to both your nutrition and fitness. These are diets as much as they are meal modifications desiged to last past a regular 4 or 6 week diet. As such the 360active meal planning incorporates not only healthy eating but realistic eating as well. 

When you excercise your body burns more calories and allows you to eat more then you could if you had a sedentary lifestyle. The 360active approach to real world meal planning and fitness means faster weight loss and weight loss that stays off.

You can reach 360active at 905-669-0360

360active Toronto

March 21, 2017
360active is an all women's activity centre located at 800 Steeles Ave W in Toronto. 

360active specialized in boot camps, nutrition and yoga to achieve maximum results.